Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Alan Trammell and Bobby Cox, Come on Down!

Alan, Bobby...Please sit down. Now first off I want to tell you both I admire the jobs you both have done, you Bobby for the consistency you have brought to the Braves organization, you Alan for bringing the Tigers out of the dregs of crap they were once in. With that said, respectfully, what the F*ck were the two of you thinking tonight?! Alan let me start with you. Nate Robertson is chewing up Sox hitters like Takeru Kobayahi goes through hot dogs, so naturally you take him out in the 9th because you have a great closer to come in and shut the door, right? Oh, wait, you don't. Isn't Nate a lefty? Check. David Ortiz is a lefty, too, right? Check again. So why was Nate Robertson on the bench in the 9th inning? Get my point? This is why Dave Dombrowski will be finding a replacement for you this offseason (Larry Bowa anyone?).

Bobby, on to you. You have a closer. His name is Kyle Farnsworth. He pitched in the 8th ining because ....? He is a monster and he finally learned to close in Detroit. USE HIM! This is the second time in 2 weeks Reitsma has been lit up in a close game. Maybe the writing is on the wall, there, huh?

Glad to see Mo Rivera has chosen now to be human. Nice Timing. Good to see the Yanks win 5 in a row and not even make a dent in the Red Sox lead. F*ck you Eddie Perez!!!!

I am not even going to make a pick tonight as my record in here has been awful. I am now going to sit down and listen to the O's and A's-who the rest of my bankroll happens to be on right now-and see what happens. Is it college football season yet?!



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