Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I Knew I Had Lost...

12 seconds into the game when McNabb got picked off and it was run back for a touchdown. 2 special teams touchdowns? Huh? From Pittsburgh? Am I in Bizzaro world? I knew I should have taken over 29, its an extremely low number and there are too many flukey things that can happen in the preseason. But, much like the players, I tend to use the preseason as a way to shake the rust off and get to work. It also helps that college football is coming.... Whoo-Hoo!

I took a piss test today. I felt like Rafael Palmeiro. I was put in a room where they shut off the water, they sprayed a blue dye in the toilet, it was just funny. When I topped off the cup, the guy just kept saying "Great Job, Great Job!" That makes my day, I am the greatest pee-er in Androscoggin county. Luckily I am clean so I didn't have to get Onterrio Smith's whizzinator or any of Tommy Chongs "Urine Luck". If I get suspended for anything by Bud Selig I am DEFINITELY appealing.

Are the KC Royals pathetic or what? Mike Sweeney must have 6 girlfriends there because other than that I cannot understand why he hasn't demanded a trade. Is Allan Baird drinking Bacardi in the owner's suite? Is he aware he needs some talent to put some asses in the seats of that park? Does the owner care? This is what pisses me off about baseball's economic structure. Every day people bitch, piss and moan that the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers et al have way too much money and spend too much money and blah blah blah. Yet when you look around the league at teams like Minnesota, KC, Milwaukee, Tampa and Pittsburgh (2 of which recently got publicly financed stadiums), they aren't taking the revenue checks they get from the Yanks, Sox and Angels and putting them into their teams, they are POCKETING IT! Yet everyone is outraged at George Steinbrenner. Is anyone aware he is building his own stadium with his OWN money? No public anything. All of his own funds, similiar to what Bob Kraft did for the Patriots. That should be commended, but it never is. Instead it's a monopoly, it's unfair, yada, yada, yada. Pull your head out of your asses people. It's the owners in Minny, Tampa and KC that are screwing up the economic structure, not Big George. Oh, and mark my words, the Yanks payroll will be UNDER $200 Million next year. And more importantly the team will be better.

Nice to see John Leclair catch on with the resurgent Penguins. Lemiuex, Leclair and Crosby? Can we make that a power play line? I met John in 1993 after he scored goals in two overtime games to beat Wayne Gretzky and the Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals. Got to touch the Stanley Cup, and everything (still have the picture) . A great guy who has always played second fiddle to guys like Eric "Ouch My Head" Lindros and Jeremy "Why Won't My Mouth Shut" Roenick. I hope the Pens make the playoffs this year and meet the Bruins in the Eastern Finals. That would be some fun hockey. I am almost looking forward to opening night!

Thats all for tonight...

Take the Atl Braves on the run line tomorrow. D-Lowe is AWFUL on the road.

Keep it real homies...lol...


Anonymous said...

I just knew when I met you via the net a while ago , that you were something special and a contender !

Now comes this and Im sure much more in the future to contend with , your venting seems as though you are normal but appearances can be decieving , plus a rival this season puts you on my watch-list !

Always great to chat with you , and keep-up the marching to your own beat , but shake-off all that rap-music as I heard it makes all your children born naked ?

G.L> Matty !



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