Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Plus nobody I know got killed in South Central L-A...

Ok, so L-A means Lewiston Auburn, but hey it's true ( I wonder if Knox St qualifies as South Central?) . As my wonderful loving 10 week old son sits up laughing and giggling and having a great time (Sleep my boy Sleep!) and my dog licks herself incessently (attractive!), I can't help but grin. I am now playing Hold Em for a living (Day 1 earnings from Hold'Em-$70 bucks. total amount of time played-1 hour 43 minutes. Nice career choice), get to watch my son grow up and oh yeah I forgot about this little tidbit...hit a 4 team baseball parlay tonight!! Cha Ching!!!
Thank you Lloyd, Willie, Ned and Alan for your contributions to my fruitful evening.
Pitt 10-0. Mets 14-1. Brew Crew 11-2. Tigers 4-1. Nothing was in doubt after the 7th inning, which saves not only my heart, but my liver as well (lol). In the words of good buddy Austin Powers "Grrr baby, major Grrr!!!"

I have been noteably absent from the web recently as my friend's wedding took a huge chunk of my time, but it was worth it to see him happy and for me to hang out and get pickled with all of my friends (Major congrats to my fiancee' for walking me back to the suv at closing time). Of course with my own wedding coming up in April or May, I see what I get to look forward too. God bless hip flasks!

Not much else tonight, I am going to go bathe in cash. Well, not really, but you could imagine if I was....

Freakin' brothas every way like MJ, today was a good day...



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