Saturday, August 13, 2005

Freeport, ME AKA Hell

I remember the old days when Saturdays meant three things. A trip to the dump in the morning, a late breakfast at Bagels' N Things or Shoney's or Waffle House depending on where I lived, and an afternoon of sports and beer in preparation for late night partying. Now of course in the days of "Matty-Domesticated Version 2", Saturdays are now go to the dump, scrape up a breakfast at home and go shopping. What is it about Saturdays and shopping with women? Is it genetic? It's just madness. Every week we are on our way to Kittery, Portsmouth, Portland, or in this week's case study, Freeport. Let me go on the record here. I hate Freeport more than anyone of them. At least in the other cities pedestrians aren't dying to walk in front of you as you try to get the hell out. In fact if not for an LL Bean gift certificate I needed to use, I don't think I ever would have gone down there. It's like a melting pot of tourists, snobs and bratty kids encouraged by their parents to climb the LL Bean boot even though the sign right next says not to climb it. Almost everyone is rude beyond all human comprehension. People just start walking into the street as your about half through the crosswalk and give you a "I can't believe you screwed my SISTER!" look as you try to drive through. Maddening. Just maddening.

Is anyone else sick of this 50 in 50 thing on ESPN? You can't get a better song than Bryan Adams ("The Canadian Government has apologized for Bryan Adams on many separate occasions" South Park the Movie 1998) for your soundtrack?

Lets take a look at yesterdays gambling advice...
"Tease any dog with plus 3 and make over for anything 36 points or less and under for 36 and 1/2 points or more. (which would make it a minimum of +9 and over 30 or under 42 1/2) and you should make some cash."

I personally try not to lay two bets on the same game (IE Bal and the over) unless its the only game on the board. I usually take the side on one game and the total on another, usually at random and do it that way. Some sportsbooks aren't allowing you to tease or parlay exhibition games, which is ridiculous, but what do you do?

Classy move by the Panthers to retire Sam Mills number, but they shouldn't have had a cheerleader (?) take the cover off the picture. Kind of tasteless. Just a little. Or am I just being picky?

Baseball tomorrow...

STL Cards +101 (Morris and Prior Listed)
Hou/Pit over 8 1/2 runs
Cincy +110
D"Backs +125

Strictly National League tomorrow kids...

Til next time...It's the last time...



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