Sunday, August 14, 2005

What is up with Sunday's?

As I sit here watching the Roast of Pamela Anderson (Bea Arthur was there! What the hell connection does Bea Arthur have to Pamela Anderson? Someone explain this this to me!), I tally up the losses from another shitty Sunday of gambling. For some reason I usually find 5 decent bets on a Sunday, and I usually only take the two that lose. Then I try to take the underdog in Sunday Night baseball, and that never seems to work either. Why do I not learn from my mistakes you ask? Becuase I know the first Sunday I don't do it will be the Sunday that it hits.

Not alot to say tonight, my kids and my dog wore me out today. Taking Philly +9 and the Under 41 for tomorrow night's Pittsburgh/Philly game on a 6 point teaser. Looks like a winner to me. Good Night everyone!



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