Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's Official...

Mike Leiberthal is one of the worst throwing catchers EVER! I am listening to the Giants-Phils on XM and there has already been 3 steals on this guy. If he isn't good offensively, he isn't good defensively, and he doesn't call a great game, why in the HELL is he your catcher? Am I missing something here? I might have to call the baseball morning show on XM and ask Larry Bowa about this.

That leads me into my next topic. Matty is going national. That's right. MLB on Xm's the Show with Kevin Kennedy and Rob Dibble, The Jim Rome Show, The Tony Bruno Show, The Dan Patrick Show, The Scott Wetzel Show... I am everywhere!!! LOL. Anyone can pick up a phone and make a call guys and gals. Someone, I am not sure who, called into the JAB this morning asking if I have a life after he heard me on The Show on Tuesday. To answer that, yes, I do. However, I am lucky to be able to be as involved in sports as I am with my kids. Would I like to be on the radio? Of course I would, but with no communications degree, I am relegated to phone calls and the net. Who knows, maybe someday I will catch someone important's ear, but in all likely hood I won't, so I'll just keep having fun and having an opinion on everything. If that bothers anyone I am terribly sorry. Wait, no I'm not. Blow it out your a** if you don't like it. :)

Now that that's off my chest, on to the fun stuff. The Sox and KC right now. It just keeps on raining, the score is tied, you know the umps want someone, anyone to score a run so they can get the hell out of there, the fans are drenched, depressed that they are KC Fans and all you here is the Red Sox Road Show in the stands. Shoe, Fix and Joe are dying for this game to end so they can go to bed and listen to people call and talk about Millar's homer (%75 of all calls will mention that tomorrow, mark my words). This thing is going 12 innings at the minimum. You know it, I know it, my 10 week old whose sleeping and farting louder than Terrence and Philip knows it. I pray Mike Sweeney hits a walk off homerun.....

Nice Job by Mike Mussina tonight. If that was a Spring Training game he would have gotten rave reviews. Unfortunately the 5th inning turned itself into Little Shop of Horrors.

Sox/KC Update. Chip Ambres, the man who was traded for Tony G, is now up with Bases loaded. $100 Bucks says he wins the game with a walk or a hit or something. Wouldn't that be something? Then Sox blow their lead to the Yanks and miss the playoffs by one game because of Chip Ambres? Not quite Bucky Dent or Aaron Boone, but close.

I have made a decision on the NL Wild Card. The Mets are going to win it. I don't know how or why, but they will. Maybe Pedro goes berserk. Maybe noone figures out Seo. Maybe Anna Benson will let Kris rest once in while. Maybe Braden Looper can close a game. I just have a feeling about this Mets team that they are going to make some noise.

Ambres strikes out, I am now down $100(checks in the mail!). Emil Brown anyone? How about a wild pitch? Oh wait a pop-out? Just as good. For the love of god someone end this GAME!

The Phillies have the bases loaded with no one out in the 5th inning. Brad "Alize and" Hennessey is pitching tremendously bad. I don't care if Barry Bonds comes back on every Human Growth Hormone he can find, he can't pitch, and that's the problem with the Giants. Now 5-4 Phils with Lidle batting with two outs and he bases full. We all know what happens here. Got to love National League baseball. At least with a DH the amount of intentional walks would go down (which would affect #8 hitter On Base Percentages, but unless your playing in a Bill James Rules Fantasy league, who gives a crap?)

Cory Lidle was just replaced with Robinson Tejeda, AFTER GROUNDING OUT WITH THE BASES LOADED? Knock, Knock? Whose there? Pinch. Pinch who? Pinch hitter YOU MORON!!! Nice move Charlie Manuel, I think I now know why you got sh*t canned in Cleveland. I can't believe I am about to say this. How the hell did you beat out Grady Little for the Phil's job? Do you have pictures of Ed Wade coming out of the Blue Oyster Brothel?

I have now been alerted that Lidle was injured trying to run out the grounder. He was pitching awful anyways, why not throw someone up there who can hit? Tejeda probably has better stuff right now anyways. I think sometimes managers are so concerned about getting their starters the win they don't realize you don't load the bases every inning.

Mike Nugent run for a 2 point conversion and the Jets lead the Cards 16-0. Oh, wait a minute, that's Mets and D-Backs!!! My mistake. No Mike Cameron or Mike Piazza yet the Mets are just blowing up the D'Backs staff. Nice move picking up Russ "My Won-Loss record covered up my whip for years" Ortiz. I think I know why the Braves let him go. When the "Last Place" team in the NL East is kicking the holy bejesus out of the 2 nd place team in the west 3 games in a row, that should tell you all you need to know about the NL West. Of course, we all know the Padres are going to beat someone in Round One. Jake Peavy anyone? If Lawrence stays consistent and Eaton can comeback and do what he was doing before he broke his finger, that 1-2-3 trio could hold it's own, even against Clemens, Oswalt and Pettite or Beckett, Willis and Burnett. Or Pedro, Benson and Seo. The Cards have chinks in the armor, as Carpenter has been their only consistent starter the last few weeks. The Astros couldn't score if they walked down the Vegas Strip a and $100 bucks hanging loosely out of their pockets. Florida just can't seem to string anything together. The Phils pitching isn't that good. Mets -Padres NLCS kids, you heard it here first.

I am spent. Check back tomorrow with my thoughts on the AL. Preseason football tomorrow night I believe. I hope so anyways.

And Chip Ambres wins it on a sac fly! I take Paypal!!!!

Til next time it's the last time...Stay Classy San Diego!!!! (LOL)



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