Monday, October 03, 2005

Stop Jumping You Might Break Your Ankles!!!!

I had to say that to my 4 year old step son earlier as I passed by his room. Of course then I had a creative moment and decided it's time to update the blog. First things first. The Patriots are going to be ok. I know, you probably think I am a homer who is trying to stay positive but think about it. San Diego is pretty good. We were coming off an emotional win on the road in which we lost 3 of our best players. We were bound to have a stinkbomb at home, we hadn't lost at home since 12/22/02. This stuff happens. It's not like the Patriots have made their living getting off to great starts and then going on to win the Super Bowl the last few years (2001 they started at 1-3, 2003 they started 2-2 after a loss to the juggernaut Redskins led by Hall Of Fame Coach Steve Spurrier). Belichick knows what this team has and doesn't have. Gay and Poole are due to come back soon (hopefully, unless this turns into a Ty Law situation like last year). I look for a win this week against a Falcons team that isn't going to carve up the Pats secondary and a gameplan tailored to Corey Dillon this week. We will be fine. Even if we win this division with a 10-6 or 11-5 record, it gives us a chance to go into Indy and win and finally once and for all shut the mouths of NFL and Colt fans who still think they are better. Just remember, Manning still has not beaten Tom Brady. Ever. He NEVER beat Florida in college. He just has a constant monkey on his back that he can never get rid of. I still think the Pats go back to the Super bowl and know I don't think I am out of my mind. It is Week 5. Relax a little.

Onto baseball where the Yankees are now ready to go back to the World Series. Yes you heard me, ready to go back to the World Series. Everyone who is a baseball insider is on this Anaheim, Orange County, Laguna Beach Angels team, but I see one big weakness. Pitch around Vlad and what happens? Garrett Anderson is not healthy. I think Bartolo Colon is a fraud and frankly I don't think he is someone you can count on the postseason. If Mussina can pitch average at best in Game One, Chacon will win Game 2 and with The Unit going in Game 3 I like my chances. Yanks win in 4.

Sox V. Sox. I like the White Sox in this one. Matt Clement in Game One spells D-O-O-M to me. Schilling wouldn't go until a Game 4 so basically you are going to have to rely on David Wells to be the ace. One thing that the White Sox have done recently and most of the year is manufacture runs, which you have to do in the playoffs to win. Chi Sox have better pitching (Starting and Bullpen) and have a edge defensively. Gimme the Pale Hose!

Over in the Senior Circuit, I like Houston to beat Atlanta, who have to realize a closer by committee approach does not work. I love San Diego to beat ST Louis. Yes, I know, you once again think I have lost it, but Carpenter has not pitched well this month and the Pads have Peavy going in Game One. It's possible he pitches Game One and Four. Petco is not a hitter's park and the Pads have a pretty good record vs. St Lou the past few years. Why the hell not? It's baseball, crazy things happen when you have an ace and a bullpen. Also the injury to Al Reyes weakens that Cards pen quite a bit. Padres in 5. If I'm wrong, oh well, the better team won...

Taking the Pack tonight +7.5 How many people in the country are dying to take the Panther tonight and double up their winnings or break even from their losses tonight? I think 7.5 is too damn much to give Brett Favre on a Monday night. But that's just me.



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