Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Random Thoughts and a Little Sarcasm

First off thanks to Brett Favre for making me look smart last night and covering the 7.5 point spread. I am really starting to hate the Panthers BTW, and nothing would have made me happier then to see them blow that lead. The only reason that place was full last night was because there was no NASCAR Race to tailgate and College Basketball hasn't started yet. I wonder who was on roids for the Cats last night?

Delhomme doing his best Jake Plummer impression

Now onto the good stuff. To borrow a phrase from the late Jimi Hendrix "Hey Joe"...why are you starting Wang in Game 2 vs. Chacon? Wang didn't endear himself to me in a pressure situation on Friday night, pitching like, well, a scared kid. Now we are going to bump Chacon to Game 4 and give him a week of rest? He does give you a good bullpen option, but come on. I know I will look like an ass if this works, but I am already second guessing this decision. If we are down a game with Wang going in Game 2 things won't be pretty in New York or in any room Steinbrenner happens to be in.

Wang adjusts his hat as he realizes he doesn't like Fenway very much...

Patriots will beat the Falcons in a low scoring affair this weekend, they will lose in Denver and go into the bye week 3-3. From there they will go 9-1 with their only loss being in Miami. A 12-4 record will get them the second or third seed in the playoffs depending on Pittsburgh. Hopefully we get the week one playoff bye, eliminate Cincinatti and move on to play in Indy for the AFC Title. If the football gods love me they will make this happen.

Oh by the way, yesterday's blog stated the Padres would win in 5 because of Jake Peavy. To a point that is true because he pitched like ass today. 8-0 in the 5th, now we get to listen Morgan and Miller fill time for the next 4 innings. Is it time for Sox V. Sox yet?

Andruw Jones NL MVP. Period. End of story. Where are the Braves without him? I hate Andruw Jones and I personally think this is his Adrian Beltre year, but he was the NL MVP this year. Maybe next year Albert...

Til tomorrow when I analyze the Yankees Game one win...



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