Friday, January 13, 2006

You Will Never Replace a Legend, You Just Have to Remember How Great They Were...

My Friday the 13th morning started out innocently enough. My 7 month old crying because he was hungry, my dog scratching on the door to get out. After I fed my son and brought my dog outside, I came in to make some breakfast and listen to the Morning Jab. However, Matt Spiegel and Bill "bland as a stale cracker" Leckis were on, and I knew something was up. I heard local commercials, which when the sattelite goes down you won't normally hear, you hear all the national ads. I went on to the Jab website to see if something was wrong and sure enough, I saw a post talking about a tragedy and how thoughts and prayers were with Frank Fixaris's family. That is never a good thing, but after perusing the local news sites and discovering that Frankie had passed away due to a fire, the appetite went away and the sadness of the situation started to hit me. There will be no more live renditions of Paul Simon, no more Shoe hitting the dump button because Frank was tired of hearing about Pete Rose. No more great insight into the world of all sports. I was never a golf fan, but Frankie made you interested enough to listen to it because he knew what was going on. He hade great takes in every sport, and no matter who got booked as a guest, he had a question for them, and the question was usually a tough one and it usually drew out an interesting response. I will miss his stories about Johnny Most, the great Yankees and old time baseball stories, before juice and amphetamines and expansion. I will miss his stories of pro football back when it was the NFL vs the AFL, about the great Celtics teams of 50's-70's. More importantly I am going to miss his analysis, because he always knew what was going on, who was doing what and why a team was having problems. I talked to him on numerous occasions calling into the show and he was always gracious, conversational and had a response for your question. The outpouring of emotion from the community of Big Jab listeners shows how much he truly touched our lives, even if it was for only 3 hours a day. Everyone who ever had the opportunity to call into the show and talk with Frankie got to talk to a legend, and that in itself is pretty special. This won't get a ton of play in the national media, and frankly, who cares? Frankie was THE premier sports caster/reporter for the state of Maine for the last 35 years and he is going to be sorely missed. Always remember, "You can never replace a legend. You just have to remember how great they were." Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to spend some extra time with my kids, because something like this reminds you that spending time with your loved ones is something that noone should ever take for granted. My thoughts and prayers are with the Fixaris family, the Big Jab family and everyone else affected by this needless and horrible loss. Oh and by the way Frankie, if Bret Boone does make the Mets roster this year, I am blaming you, because I know you will have something to do with it. That my friend, would be Bullsh*t! God Bless Ya Frankie, we are going to miss you.


Anonymous said...

Matty, I hear you daily and sometimes agree but often disagree with your thoughts. However, when it comes to your comments on Fix, you could never be mroe right. A Legend he will always be. I enjoyed reading your BLOG, the first one ever.
Great Job Matty

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words and I will try to say some more agreeable things in the future!


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