Thursday, April 03, 2008

Part 5

Channel 725-1

Jeremy Bonderman vs Zack Greinke

Nice day in Detroit, a little nippy at 48 degrees but very sunny. Alex Gordon steps in with 2 out and nobody on. He grounds out to first and is now 1-10 to start the season. BTW FSN Kansa City is the HD feed I am watching, the Kansas City Royals bring their HD cameras on the road, yet the Reds can't even have an HD broadcast from their home stadium. Does anyone want to explain that one?

April 12th KC Royals promo, the first 2500 fans get a Billy Butler powder blue jersey. Never, ever underestimate the power of the powder blues.

Clete Thomas is leading off for the Tigers. Boy, that lineup looks a little different with Granderson on the DL, don't ya think?

On 722-1 John Danks no-hitter is intact through 5.

725-1 Placido Polanco gets an infield single. Gary Sheffield is up. You know how sometimes you can just look at someone and tell what type of person they are? Look at Sheffield batting stance. It's obnoxious and annoying, very much like Sheffield himself.

ChiSox are up 1-0 in the 6th on a homerun by Juan Uribe. The same thing happened yesterday when I disparaged Angel Pagan. The power of karma.

The Nationals are up 4-0 in the top of the first against Philly, with Ronnie Belliard getting the key 3 run double. The Nationals, 4 and 0? No way!

Greinke gets out of trouble and the Tigers still haven't scored a run since Monday afternoon.

Casey Blake breaks up Danks no hitter in the bottom of the 6th. I can officially stop paying attention to this game now.

Billy Butler grounds out to Brandon Inge, who is playing third today. I assume Miggy Pop is in the DH slot today...

729-1 Angels/Twins. Rex Hudler with the call, Angels up 3-0. Gary Matthews, Jr hit his first homerun of the season, hopefully while not using HGH.

Tribe and ChiSox are tied up at 1.

Sheffield flies out to left on breaking ball up in the zone and Brandon Inge is stranded at third. Does anyone else think Sheff is slipping?

Santana is back in Minnesota! Well Ervin Santana, but still, I was telling the truth.

Nats are up 5-0 in Philly, if the Phillies get off to a bad start how long it be beforethe Charlie Manual getting fired rumors start? I am guessing tonight....

Back to the D, Alex Gordon is at the plate with a runner on first who is speaking with 1st base coach Rusty Kuntz. I am not going to give you a pronunciation on that, either. Gordon is now 2-11 to start the season, and both hits are homeruns. 2-0 Royals. Kansas City/Washington, the World Series on Fox. What a friggen promo that would be....

White Sox are up 2-1 and are pitching the 13 game Ozzie plan. If Ozzie gets fired, what happens to the Ozzie plan? By the way, I will be very interested to see how the Sox pen holds up in these late innings, you know the rebuilt pen that includes the declining Scott Linebrink and the injury prone Octavio Dotel? Jake Westbrook is done for the day, 7 1/3 IP 2 ER (both on solo HR's), 1 walk 3 k's and responsible for the runners on first and second.

Alex Gordon slapping a high-five in slow motion HD. Classic.



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