Thursday, April 03, 2008

Part 4

Jake Westbrook's perfect game was just ruined by a walk to Jim Thome. the no-hitter is still intact though as Paul Konerko lines out to center.

Danks gets through another inning, and we have Danks/Westbrook pitching duel heading into the 5th from Cleveland.

Westbrooks no-hitter is over thanks to AJ the Douche.

Carlos Quentin is batting for the ChiSox, I was surprised that the D'Backs dealt him this offseason, he was very highly thought of. While writing that he grounded out to third. Maybe that why they dealt him.

Joe Crede, the Human Trade Rumor, is now going to take a crack at breaking the scoreless tie. I will be leaving this game shortly to check out the Royals and Tigers. Crede strikes out and the score is still goose eggs.



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