Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Morning Quick-Hits

Today's quick hits are brought to you by heartburn and insomnia...

Red Sox outlast the Mariners 6-3 in 12 innings. In an interesting twist Jonathan Papelbon got the win, and Craig Hansen got his second save of the year.

David Ortiz went 0-2 in his last rehab game in Portland. The game was suspended due to weather in the 4th inning.

The Mariners are just an awful baseball team right now, and this performance didn't disprove that. Willie Bloomquist took the blame for this one.

The Yankees won again. Jorge Posada has decided against season-ending surgery so that he can play first and DH, which is EXACTLY what the Yankees need (oh wait, they have a bunch of those already).

Tampa knocked off the A's 4-3. Also Rocco Baldelli played 3 innings in a minor league game.

Francisco Rodriguez is having one hell of a contract year. Meanwhile the Rams knocked off the Browns 14-11 after a Bernie Kosar interception was...oh wait, dammit....

The Mets bounced back thanks to Jose Reyes. Billy Wagner got the save.

Brett Myers looked awful, glad to see that minor league tour straightened him out. Charlie Manuel makes an interesting point when he says they owe it to him to get his command down. Owe who what?! You owe the fans a freaking World Series way more than you a known wife-beater, hothead, and general overall douche a damn thing. The good news? Pat Gillick was on XM 175 this morning and basically said the Phils were pulling out all the stops to get a deal done before the deadline, and talked about his two catching prospects. Matt Holliday/Brian Fuentes rumors anyone?

CC Sabathia could be the best trade deadline pitcher since Doyle Alexander, after a complete game shutout of the Cards. That's one way to compensate for an awful bullpen, keep them in the bullpen.

The Cubs hammered the D'Backs and avoided a sweep. Also word that Jeff Samardzija may be called up to the big leagues to help the Cubs beleaguered bullpen.

Ozzie Guillen got thrown out, but the ChiSox still won.

Olympic swimmer Jessica Hardy tested positive for a banned substance. She is appealing. Memo to NBC, dump all Jessica Hardy feel-good stories.

Devin Hester is holding out, but Mike Florio over at PFT Talk points out something many have missed.

The Atlanta Hawks continue to show everyone how NOT to run an NBA franchise, as restricted free agent Josh Childress flees to Greece. Even Elgin Baylor is laughing at the Hawks.

The Bruins parted ways with Glen Murray. This will probably lead to a buyout, which will give the Jacobs another reason not to spend any money this year.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the feel good event that are the Olympic Games.....although, I do enjoy's the social commentary about China hosting the Olympics---because Salt Lake went off without a hitch and our foreign relations have never been higher.

Devin Hester is a genius.....

As for the Alexander analogy....he was 9-0 down the stretch, but was flippin terrible in the postseason...I still David Cone is the best hired gun of our generation....and he has multiple rings to prove it.

MattyMSM said...

Yeah, Cone may be the better analogy, but I just like the name...

Hester went to the "U", so I am assuming his major was microbiology?


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