Saturday, September 20, 2008

Washington Nationals May Have Just Irritated Red Sox Nation

While watching MLB EI last night, I watched a lot of the marathon Padres/Nationals game. In the 13th inning, during a pitching change, guess what was blaring over the loud speaker? Yes, you guessed it,"Sweet Caroline"! The Nationals even had an usher dancing like a moron on top of the dugout. San Diego's broadcast team of Matt Vasgersian and Rick Sutcliffe were stunned, Vasgersian even said "How can you rip that off from the Red Sox, you are right down the road from them!" This, my friend's, could get ugly. I will do my best to find video of this, although, I'll be honest, I doubt I will be able to find any...


Bags said...

OK, so my comment is 3 months after the story was posted, but I couldn't resist pointing out that the Nationals have been playing 'Sweet Caroline' during late-inning pitching changes ever since baseball returned to DC in 2005. Granted, the Red Sox were playing it well before that but I'm curious exactly when they got the copyright on the use of that song? Jeez, get over it. BTW: The usher has been doing his routine on the dugout roof since the '05 season as well, he's a retired high school baseball coach from the Northern VA suburbs who is universally known at Nats games simply as 'Coach', and we're quite fond of his routine.

MattyMSM said...

Personally, I thought it was funny. You are preaching to the choir, and I appreciate you giving me the back-story.


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