Monday, January 05, 2009

Don't You Walk Out That Door!

I guess the "potential for career growth" was a little overstated in the classified ad?

The Boston College Eagles football program has had its share of success in recent years, even with its most recent bowl winning streak snapped by perennial SEC doormat Vanderbilt and its inability to win the ACC Title. Jeff Jagodzinski has maintained what it seems is a very respectable program, even though no one in the northeast pays attention, ever, for any reason. The latest developments from BC, however, should have people far and wide not only paying attention, but feeling a level of disgust.

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Jagodzinski has been told by BC brass that he will be fired if he interviews for the vacant New York Jets head coaching job. They already have penciled offensive coordinator Steve Logan to take over in the event of Jags getting canned. Fired for interviewing? Really? What a way to nurture your employees. Think Steve Logan took notice of this? What if Logan aspires to coach at a program where its fans give a rat's ass or go to the NFL? Will they pull the "if you leave you can't come back" crap that teenagers in this country have heard from parents for decades? This should weigh on the mind of anyone affiliated with BC, because apparently if you interview for a promotion somewhere, your personal belongings will be in a box out back. Would you work at a company that did that?

Before this information came out, there was no publicizing of Jagodzinski's status on this, outside of the token "possible candidates" list, so it's not like he was publicly campaigning for the job or drawing attention to himself. Now Jags has to decide whether to interview for a job he may or may not get in sacrifice of a job he already has for an employer that is already pouring gas on the bridge, ready at a moments notice to light the match to burn it. Is the administration upset that BC lost to Vandy? Are they striking a blow for colleges like Iowa St who have seen coaches leave overnight? What is the motivation for acting like this? It will be amazing to see how this pans out, but one thing is for sure, BC is lucky the Men's B-Ball team beat UNC yesterday, as it will draw some attention away from this. In a week BC football will go back to being the subtitle on Page 12, but with short-sighted decisions like this one, they may be below yesterday's Horse Racing results sooner rather than later.



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