Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In The Crease-J-E-T-S Jets, Je...Oh To Hell With It

I love NFL football Sunday. I don't like it, or think it's kinda cool: I love it. There is nothing better than the 17 Sundays a year I get to sit in front of the TV all day and night. It's my reason for being.

16-13 Bills over the Jets. 5 INT's by Mark "Sanchize" and 6 by the team.

59-0 Pats over the Titans. 5 TD's by Tom "Franchise" Brady in the 2nd quarter and 6 in the game.

There goes one of my 17 most precious days. There are only 11 left now and I fear they will get worse

The Jets play calling was horrible on the offensive side of the board. Clearly our rookie QB was struggling with the cold, wind and inexperience. Thomas Jones was running wild for 200+ yards, Leon for another 100 and Buffalo had no answers. Inexplicably, we keep throwing the ball in the 4th quarter and OT. Predictably we keep throwing INT's. Aren't the Jets a run/play D first, everything else second team? Didn't we learn from New Orleans? Clearly not.

It's over. Give the Pats the division now. That way, I won't have to suffer the inevitable ray of hope the Jets love to cast down on their fans every year. This year, like last year, the ray came early and it was blinding, almost beautiful; a new coach, new players in the secondary and a shiny new QB. As much as I wanted to believe, there was something in the back of my mind telling me to wait, not to get too excited.

59-0 Uh oh. Here come Brady and Belichick with their flawless execution and their perfect game plan. I know it was against the worst team in the NFL, with all due respect to Cleveland and Oakland, and I know that one week is only one week. The problem here is that the Patriots can play perfectly on both sides of the ball and will continue to play closer to that level than the level they had been playing at, which was above average, and the Jets simply can't. There was hope that the Patriots would be a lesser team and Brady a lesser QB than in the past. 59-0 kills any of those Jet pipe dreams.

The only question left is; can the Jets be decent enough to make the playoffs as a wildcard. The answer is yes, it's possible. Is it probable? With as many good teams to beat out to get there as there are, along with the Pats, Miami, Indy, Baltimore, Cincinnati, San Diego, Houston, Pittsburgh and Denver all looking like division champ or wildcard candidates as well, it is decisively not probable. There will be a two to three week stretch where the Jets could make it if 13 things go there way, I can guarantee you that much, but I can also guarantee they do not make it.

I can already see next season's ray of hope. It's already blindingly beautiful. Rex in his second season in NY: they will be saying after a year in the Big Apple, he has a better handle on the media and his team and how to motivate them. Sanchez will be in his second year, so he will be poised to break out. Braylon Edwards will be in his second year in this offense etc. Then, by week 6 or so, the Pats will look like the Pats and the Jets will look like the Jets.

Being a Jets fan, no amount of pain, almosts or wasted seasons will lessen my love for NFL football Sunday. I love it, like Brady loves posing in front of a camera in a skin tight tank top (not that there is anything wrong with that).(Editor's note:Or like how Mark Sanchez likes posing in GQ before he actually takes an NFL snap). It would be even better if my Jets could finally do it, or at least if Broadway Joe could try and make out with Suzy Kolber again, but nothing can kill my love for Sunday (except a lock-out). So as Gang Green gets ready for Oakland, I brace myself for the season killer. A loss to the Raiders. Seems about a year ago when it started to go terribly wrong with a road loss to the Raiders. Symmetry and consistency, just like the Pats....sort of.

Javier Gorriti, UMaine Black Bear from 1994-1998, is a frequent contributor to the CMSB and the co-host of the PM JAB with Chris Sedenka. He is the president of Mermaid Seafoods in Portland ME. and has been working and living in Maine over the past 5 years. He can be reached at javier_gorriti at hotmail.com. He once turned down the chance to be the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World", simply because he didn't want to grow a beard.



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