Friday, September 24, 2010

My Predictions Are like a Curse

I'm not going to write about the Pats this week. I wrote about them last week, got a little cocky, and look what happened. The defense barfed all over themselves. And then the offense stepped in it.

I did get to field texts from my Jets loving family, which is always fun. Here's a small sampling:

Jets! Jets! Jets!!

And that's another New York first down

... I told ya so

They are kicking ass today!

The good news is that this week we have the Bills. If we can't beat the Bills then
I'm going to barf all over myself.

Enough about barfing. It's Friday. We're all supposed to be happy. I'm happy because:
  1. I am less than a day away from being able to sleep for 12 straight hours
  2. Bruins pre-season has started

I know that most Bruins fans aren't quite over last season's pathetic meltdown, but I'm kind of like a puppy that won't stop eating your bras. No matter how many times you smack me on the nose, I'm going to go back for another. Plus, this season is going to be different! Really!

Let's talk logically for a minute, though. No matter how awesome I want to believe this season will be, there are a few outstanding issues.

  1. Defense! This week, I entusiasically told my dad that the Bruins were going to kick ass this season. He said, "Sweetie, you don't have a defense." Um, yes. We have Chara and Seidenberg... and... Boychuck? Oh, and Glass Bones Ference. And Mark Stuart? Is his hand cellulite gone yet? Point being: It's not as solid as I'd imagined in my delusional little brain.
  2. Tuukka vs. Timmy. While it's obvious that Tuukka has earned his starting job in Boston, we've still got another goalie sitting around. A goalie that had hip surgery in the off season. A goalie that is being paid 5 million to be a back-up. Will they keep Thomas around while Tuukka continues to adjust to the NHL? Will Thomas accept his new role? Was Tuukka's break out season a fluke?
  3. Seguin. When you read that name, please think of the sound of angels singing and the heavens opening up. Tyler Seguin may be the only reason some fans are excited for this season to start. Last year, scoring was a huge issue. This year, should Seguin make the team, the Bruins have a chance to turn that around. But should we really expect the kid to come out scoring 50 goals? Comparisons have been made to Steve Stamkos, one of the most underrated goal scorers in the league. Does this mean that Seguin's first season will be a flop, though? Or is he a mature enough 18 year old to jump right into the fire?
  4. Speaking of scoring... what about Savard? In his first game back following a monster concussion, he scored an epic goal that no fan will soon forget. It was a moment of pure elation. And then... well, then he sucked it up for the rest of the playoffs. Now, it seems that Savvy is experiencing some "post-concussion symptoms", making it difficult for him to even think about being on the ice. Despite the "too many men" controversy, it's clear we need Marc Savard for an effective powerplay. How will the Bruins fare if they have to make due without him?

Here's to hoping they work out all the kinks in the pre-season and head to Prague ready to show the NHL what they've got.

Samantha Lewis is a conference production assistant by day and a sports blogger by night. She can't think of anything witty to say right now, so just follow her on Twitter here.



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